Our Toolset Is Getting Even Better!

Swiftaudit now gives you access to RVU and Physician Fee Schedule information with a quick click. You can access the RVU/PFS screens through the main navigation, or from the Actions dropdown menu in your Encounter Header.

Select your Medicare Locality and click Calculate.

We’ll fill your screen with useful data, including:

  • Geographic Price Index
  • RVU and calculated Physician Fee Schedules
  • LCDs
  • Payment Indicators
  • More…

Click on the displayed LCD and we’ll show you all the appropriate HCPCS codes that apply. Click on More Info for any LCD and we’ll zing you over to the official CMS site for comprehensive details!

And the best news is, we won’t charge a single penny more for this fabulous new feature! Our goal is to provide auditors with a powerful toolset to make your job easier – we want to make you look good.

If you haven’t tried Swiftaudit yet, visit us at Try It Free and take advantage of our absolutely free, no credit card required 30-day trial. Come see what you’re missing!

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