Auditing and Coding Compliance

In our new series, we will review the topics of compliance, auditing and coding. To kick off this series, we felt that the remarks made by Principal Deputy Inspector General Joanne Chiedi’s comments at Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) 2019 Compliance Institute, April 8, 2019, were of value to simply repost.

HHS OIG presented a 2 page pdf covering the highlights of the Deputy Inspector General’s remarks. Here is an outline of the 2 pages for a fast read.

Oversight and Compliance at This Time of Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare

We cannot oversee what we do not understand.

  • Compliance must have a seat and a voice at the innovation table.
  • Give Compliance the data.
  • Compliance and innovation must advance together.

The Healthcare Ecosystem

  • PATIENTS AND FAMILIES are reimagining how and where they want to receive healthcare.
  • CLINICIANS, PROVIDERS, SUPPLIERS, AND PAYERS are rethinking how they deliver smart, quality care to consumers.
  • INNOVATORS AND SCIENTISTS are supporting the delivery of quality healthcare with new digital health technologies, new care delivery models, and new clinical treatments.
  • OVERSIGHT AND COMPLIANCE PROFESSIONALS are working to ensure that the rules of the road are followed, that dollars are well spent, and that patients are protected.

Strategies for Forward-Focused Oversight and Compliance

  1. Agility and Adaptability
  2. Continuous Prioritization
  3. Compliance Leadership
  4. Strategic Partnerships
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