Our Toolset Is Getting Even Better!

Swiftaudit now gives you access to RVU and Physician Fee Schedule information with a quick click. You can access the RVU/PFS screens through the main navigation, or from the Actions dropdown menu in your Encounter Header.

Select your Medicare Locality and click Calculate.

We’ll fill your screen with useful data, including:

  • Geographic Price Index
  • RVU and calculated Physician Fee Schedules
  • LCDs
  • Payment Indicators
  • More…

Click on the displayed LCD and we’ll show you all the appropriate HCPCS codes that apply. Click on More Info for any LCD and we’ll zing you over to the official CMS site for comprehensive details!

And the best news is, we won’t charge a single penny more for this fabulous new feature! Our goal is to provide auditors with a powerful toolset to make your job easier – we want to make you look good.

If you haven’t tried Swiftaudit yet, visit us at Try It Free and take advantage of our absolutely free, no credit card required 30-day trial. Come see what you’re missing!

Custom Exams

In our ongoing effort to provide auditing flexibility, we now offer the option for you to create your own custom exam checklist for any CPT category!

To begin, choose Custom Exams from the main navigation dropdown.

Each custom exam is given a name of your choosing. Gender and age requirements can also be specified.

Define up to (6) levels of custom CPT calculation by building a checklist of
optional and mandatory items you must see in the documentation to qualify for that code.

Within the Encounter, choose the desired custom exam and Swiftaudit will determine the proper code based on your responses.

You can define as many custom exams as you’d like, and Swiftaudit allows you to Upload/Download your exam definitions to share with others. Let your CPT reviewing begin!

How Does Your Physician Compare?

We know that educating your client on how to code accurately is a top priority, and we’re ready to help! Swiftaudit uses the National Provider Identifier (NPI) database to access coding data from the most recent Public Use Files (PUF) and compare your physician’s annual coding results with both local and national numbers.

From either the Provider list or the Provider detail screen you can select a graph that focuses on New or Established patients. With one click you can see how your physician measures up compared to others in the same specialty, the same zip code, or across the nation.

Use your mouse to hover over the graph and view distinct data point details for specific E&M codes. Or right-click to print your graph for a later presentation. Easy!

Swiftaudit for Teams!

Whether you’re managing a group of professional auditors, or keeping track of audits in a busy medical practice, Swiftaudit for teams can help you get more done in less time.


Share Information

Swiftaudit’s team features allow you to easily add or remove team members, share lists of favorite or often-used CPT or Dx codes, and build customized notes to save everyone time.


Work flow is easy with Swiftaudit for teams.

– Add a work item.

– Upload a chart.

– Assign the work to a specific team member.

Or don’t assign it and allow anyone on the team to pick up the work.

Team members can only see their assignments or unassigned items.

Managers can see everyone’s work.


Track Progress

Track the progress of each audit by setting the status flag to Active, Ready for Review, Under Review or Finished.

Share the work with your team, get more work done, and do it more efficiently with Swiftaudit’s team features!


Not a Swiftaudit subscriber? No problem! You can try all of our team functions as part of your 30 day free trial (no credit card info required).

Click Here to get started!


CPT Search

Our new CPT Search allows you to quickly find the right CPT for the proper year of service. Just click on the “Help me choose” link from within your add CPT screen and you’ll have the full power of Search at your fingertips. Search using keywords, CPT codes, or partial CPT codes and Swiftaudit will show you a comprehensive list of matching codes!

Introducing NCCI Edits

We’re excited to announce the addition of Correct Coding (NCCI) edits to our Swiftaudit toolset! We now provide a quick check for Procedure to Procedure (PTP) and Medically Unlikely Edits (MUE) . Hover tips clarify Column 2 warnings and restrictions, and the More Info link will show you detailed Bypass Modifier information.


NCCI Calculator

Swiftaudit offers two easy ways to get to NCCI edits. To access the quick calculator screen, simply select NCCI Calculator from the main dropdown menu. Enter your list of CPTs and the Date of Service and we’ll provide all NCCI edit results.

Billed / Audited Services

You can also access NCCI edits from within your Patient Encounter! Just click NCCI Check at the bottom of the Billed or Audited services dialog and we’ll automatically calculate all the NCCI edits. Easy!

Take me to NCCI Edits