Feature Focus: Coding Toolset

Our goal and ongoing commitment is to provide a practical, streamlined set of coding tools that are both easy to access and appropriate for use by anyone in the practice. We’ve listened carefully to feedback and created the following time-saving collection of tools:

Our comprehensive search tool allows you to find CPTs, HCPCS and ICDs using partial codes or keywords. But that’s just the beginning! Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, we’ll also show you a whole set of helpful information including additional codes, excludes, next codes and notes from MedlinePlus, just to name a few.

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Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) help predict the expected cost of care for older patients and are the basis for Medicare Advantage plan reimbursement calculations. To help you navigate the often confusing rules of risk assessment, we’ve provided a basic HCC lookup as well as a first level risk assessment calculator.

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You can access our Correct Coding (NCCI) tool from the coding toolset or directly within your Encounter screen. We also provide a quick check for Procedure to Procedure (PTP) and Medically Unlikely Edits (MUE)!

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Choose a Medicare location and a HCPCS code and we’ll fill your screen with useful data, including RVUs and Physician Fee Schedules, LCDs, Payment Indicators as well as links to specific CMS data pages.

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Swiftaudit uses the National Provider Identifier (NPI) database to access coding data from the most recent Public Use Files (PUF) and compare your physician’s annual coding results with both local and national numbers.

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NCCI Edits

Swiftaudit now provides a quick check for NCCI edits, including Procedure to Procedure (PTP) and Medically Unlikely Edits (MUE) . Our hover tips provide Column 2 warnings and restrictions, and the More Info link will show you detailed Bypass Modifier information.  

Swiftaudit offers two easy ways to get to NCCI edits. To access the quick calculator screen, simply select NCCI Calculator from the main dropdown menu. Enter your list of CPTs and the Date of Service and we’ll provide all NCCI edit results.

You can also access NCCI edits from within your Patient Encounter! Just click NCCI Check from the Actions drop down menu in your Encounter header and we’ll automatically calculate all the NCCI edits. Easy! 

Announcing our New Encounter Look

We’ve Done It!

We re-imagined our Encounter process to make it friendlier, easier and faster! Our new Encounter wizard will help you every step of the way, making it easy to set up all your header data.

Add services quickly by using either a CMS form 1500 style screen or with a simple E&M code form that will take you straight to your CPT review screens.

And our new Header view is so clean and compact, we’ll have you dancing at your desk!

We can’t wait for you to see our new look for yourself. Log Me In

If you haven’t tried Swiftaudit yet, visit us at Try It Free and take advantage of our absolutely free, no credit card required 30-day trial. Come see what you’re missing!

Risk Assessment Calcs Now Available

Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) are a hot topic when discussing risk assessment and payment for the long term care of our 65 and older patient base. Medicare Advantage enrollees are provided ongoing care reimbursement based on a specific set of demographics and diagnosis code data submitted to the payer over the course of time.

As auditors we find ourselves facing the challenge of educating our Providers on the importance of documentation that is both accurate and complete in order to produce the proper risk assessment. If a patient has multiple chronic conditions, it’s critical that all underlying health problems are reported annually to provide an overall view of the patient’s care situation.

To help you navigate the often confusing risk assessment process, Swiftaudit now includes an easy to use HCC lookup as well as a basic ICD-10 risk score calculator.

Preliminary risk scores can be accessed directly from the list of CPT related diagnosis codes in each Encounter.

Or you can view HCCs and calculate risk scores from the Coding Tools option in the upper navigation.

Our HCC lookup screen will display the appropriate category cross reference to your diagnosis codes, as well as the risk factor associated with each.

As always, we’ll continue to keep an eye on current audit trends and needs in order to provide the best possible tool set for our auditors and the clients they service!

For more information on how risk assessment and scoring works, check out Dr. Tom’s blog post on Calculating RAF Scores.

Our Toolset Is Getting Even Better!

Swiftaudit now gives you access to RVU and Physician Fee Schedule information with a quick click. You can access the RVU/PFS screens through the main navigation, or from the Actions dropdown menu in your Encounter Header.

Select your Medicare Locality and click Calculate.

We’ll fill your screen with useful data, including:

  • Geographic Price Index
  • RVU and calculated Physician Fee Schedules
  • LCDs
  • Payment Indicators
  • More…

Click on the displayed LCD and we’ll show you all the appropriate HCPCS codes that apply. Click on More Info for any LCD and we’ll zing you over to the official CMS site for comprehensive details!

And the best news is, we won’t charge a single penny more for this fabulous new feature! Our goal is to provide auditors with a powerful toolset to make your job easier – we want to make you look good.

If you haven’t tried Swiftaudit yet, visit us at Try It Free and take advantage of our absolutely free, no credit card required 30-day trial. Come see what you’re missing!